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             Weifang Tianrun Packing Products Co., Ltd.
is a privately-owned enterprise specializing in the production of corrugated paper products such as cartons, cardboards, cartons, color boxes, display boxes, world boxes, PV sheets, paper corners, open boxes, double-wing boxes, etc. In Weifang City, Shandong Province, the company now has three carton production lines. The main production equipment includes computer thin-knife paper splitting machine, computer automatic two-color printing machine, two-color monochrome semi-automatic printing machine, computer automatic slotting and angle cutting machine, and semi-automatic slotting and cutting machine. Angle machine, semi-automatic glue box machine, laminating machine, die cutting machine, beer machine and other supporting equipment and tools.
Testing equipment mainly includes computerized carton compression testing machine and automatic rupture strength testing machine. The production equipment for cartons is relatively advanced, complete and reasonable. The appearance of the products produced by our factory is clear and beautiful, with smooth cuts, no burrs and burrs.
Various products
Carton production line
The raw materials are high, middle and low grade paper, with single pit 3 layers, double pit 5 layers, 3 pit 7 layers and E pit small pit cardboard. Various types of break-resistant cardboard boxes can also be made according to customer requirements. Can adapt to the different needs of different customers. The monthly production capacity can reach more than 3 million, and it can accept orders of various sizes.The products mainly serve the packaging needs of electronic products, food, medicine, clothing, application supplies, shoemaking, photoelectric products, daily necessities, handicrafts, gifts, toys, furniture and other fields. The tenet of our factory is to focus on quality, service and honesty. We believe that through continuous improvement and a development model that keeps pace with the times, we will bring more high-quality products and reliable services to our customers to achieve a win-win situation.


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